We are JP and Patricia Schülz also known as


We are a newly married couple, who just became parents to our baby boy who love health, fitness, and helping others change their lives.
JP is a full time pastry chef, and has always being an overweight, fat kid in school, being teased and mocked with a very low self-esteem, (I'm sure many can relate), He started using Herbalife over 5 years ago, he tried everything out there to lose weight, from powders, pills, injection (Legal or Illegal) he didn't really care, but absolutely nothing worked, he found himself being a yo-yo dieter, and a professional quitter when everything stopped working, that all changed when he found Herbalife... He lost 6,8kgs in his first challenge, his energy increased during the day, and he didn't feel sluggish, and lethargic during the day, he started participating in sport events and changed his life to live a more healthy active life, losing a total of 25kgs, a bunch of cms and dropping to a 34 pants and still on his journey to his ideal body goals, in the process he met Patricia and she became his client which he coached to her goal weight, they fell in love, got engaged, and got married in 2017. 
Patricia's journey started 3 years ago, before joining Herbalife, Patricia never had a breakfast, she felt the later she ate the less hungry she'd feel, only to find dinner time would come and she'd eat a double portion of food, she's Italian to you can just imagine what dinners were... She got started on the program and immediately felt an energy improvement, and started having a healthy breakfast, in 3 days she lost weight and shaved off some cms too, continuing on the program she lost 11kgs over all, dropped from a size 14, to a size 8 and managed to maintain that weight for a year and a half, when Patricia fell pregnant she continued the Good Nutrition from Herbalife, she gained a beautiful 17kgs during pregnancy, baby was born at 3,24kg, and 6 weeks postpartum she was back to her pre-pregnancy weight and is breastfeeding, and still living a healthy active lifestyle. We now live a healthy active and balanced lifestyle. We consume our Herbalife products, make better choices and now workout 4-5 times per week.
With our amazing results we have been able to help many people get into the best shape of their lives too. Herbalife has been the vehicle for us to live our true passion in life and we intend to help even more people.
We are now doing the Herbalife Business full time around our son, and build our future being active parents around him, not only do we intend to help as many people as we can get into the best shape of their life but we also intend to help as many people as we can either make a part time income or career level income.
Herbalife has completely changed our lives, we will be forever grateful and look forward to the most beautiful future together, with this company in health and wealth.
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